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Alliance provides Turnaround Management professionals and proprietary processes for the Petrochemical, Refining, Specialty Chemicals, Paper, and Power industries. More specifically, we provide proven processes and experienced specialists that work as part of the Owner’s integrated team. Our proprietary processes and systems will be managed bet365 bingo and installed by our professionals and will remain with the Owners for future use.

Very seldom can you succeed in developing a tool, which can be utilized by all levels of management, from the Turnaround Management team in the office, to the supervision, foreman and craftsmen in the field. Development of such a tool and system would ensure success, and improve communication and productivity of Turnarounds. Truly, this would be a “cradle to the grave” approach. We have accomplished this feat with our Turnaround Management Process.

Our system is based upon Turnaround Planning Documents (TPDs) that contain detailed work steps similar to MAXIMO Work Order Tasks and SAP Maintenance Order Operations. This makes it possible for Alliance to record asset history, and Turnaround labor activities and material bet365 app download costs on the asset level. Information from the TPDs can then be extracted into flat formats acceptable for upload into either system using the Client’s existing update software; therefore adding the TPDs to the Client’s existing Reliability/Maintenance Work Library for timely scheduling, activity and cost tracing, and maintaining information for all future Turnarounds.

Our Turnaround Management processes have been developed over the past 22 years and are continuously updated. Our processes are easily integrated with the Owner’s systems and processes; or they may be utilized as a stand-alone system.  Through the use of our “copyright pending” Turnaround Planning Documents (TPD’s) and Capital Project Planning Documents (CPPD’s), data can be entered into any planning or scheduling bet365 app download system and if preferred uploaded into the Owner’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).  With this powerful capability the data is stored forever and can be utilized by the Owner for future Turnarounds.

Alliance’s Turnaround Management process will save the Owners up to 70% of the planning cost for all future Turnarounds. Our process has proven to improve contractor efficiency, equipment management, material management, cost control, reduce bid package preparation time and costs, and force complete integration between Capital and Turnaround tasks while shortening Turnaround durations and reducing cost by as much as 15% to 20%.  The end result is a well-managed on schedule and within budget Turnaround that produces a smooth, uneventful start up.

Integration of Capital Projects

When planning a Capital Project with Maintenance and Reliability work, it is very important to integrate the two. Lack of successful integration will result in failure. It is also paramount to increase the amount of pre tar Capital work. In other words, design to maximize pre tar work and remove it from the Turnaround window. Our CPPDs (Capital Project Planning Documents) and our experienced personnel ensure that this process is successful.

Turnaround Planning for new Projects

On new Capital projects, why not have your turnaround planning complete, (except for work orders that hit your system between cycles), when you achieve mechanical completion? Alliance can accomplish this by integrating their processes and experienced personnel with the Owner and Engineer during the execution phases of the bet365 online sports betting project. At this phase of the project information is easily accessible and the planning process is more productive. We estimate that we can lower planning costs by 40% to 50%. Once completed you will only need to check the items to be executed during the respective turnaround from the Global Turnaround list and your turnaround is ready to continue to the next gate.

Execution Options

 With Alliance you have several options for your next Turnaround:

  • We can develop and install a global turnaround system for you.
  • We develop and install the system and manage your turnaround or turnarounds.
  • We can develop and install the system and execute the complete turnaround.
  • We can develop and install the system, execute the mechanical portion of your turnaround, and manage the remainder of the turnaround.